Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dorothy gave some toys to those in North Camden

North Camden is one of the most dangerous areas to be in at Camden.Between drug activity,violence and lack of police protection Dorothy is taking a huge risk going there.It is a poverty stricken area and often the children here have not had a new toy in years.Dorothy has handed out over the years school supplies,new and used toys and much needed clothes.All this was made possible due to some very generous people who donate to our small organization REYS OF HOPE.We have told Dorothy numerous times we do not want her to go in areas that could be dangerous-but to no avail.(no wonder my hair is turning grey).
The items in these pictures were donated last year.Dorothy decided to go through her storage shed to make room for a pick up of clothes etc..from us by this weekend.
(the average income for the families in this project area is 700 dollars a month plus food stamps)

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