Sunday, December 8, 2013

Message From Pat....

How can we express our gratitude for all the generous people who help us every year?  Thanks just doesn't seem like enough!  Perhaps the smile you bring to others would truly make you all know the hearts you have touched.  It's another reason we like taking pictures - so you can see firsthand you have shown strangers they have not been forgotten, that there are still good people out there.

With that we would like to thank:

 John from Pt. Pleasant for his generous financial donation;
Lori and Tim from Lakehurst for Christmas gifts and items for children;
Melodi from Jackson for toys and children's clothes;
Laura and family from Pt. Pleasant for much needed toys for this year and comforters;
Bonnie from Toms River for adopting 2 families;
Debbie from Toms River for crayons and bags of coloring books;
Yilan and her friend from Monmouth County for both adopting families for Christmas. 

We would also like to than those who sent much needed items to Pine Ridge Reservation in SD and to Fr. Tony in Illinois.

It looks like Santa's Elves just might be listening to our request for help after all!
If this continues, we just might be able to give more than one gift per child for Christmas. 

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