Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just a few notes about Christmas 2013

We delivered gifts with the guitar to the young man in Cape May Co.The very first thing he did was play the guitar.He was more interested in that then any other gift we gave him.He had a smile ear to ear.So to the person who donated to this family you made their day!
Fr John asked alittle boy if he could tell Jesus anything what would it be?response' Dont talk to strangers and only take gifts at Christmas time
2 boys were talking one said"oh my dad has found the Lord,the other one said,I didnt know he was lost
A little girl received a beautiful doll that had the mouth sort of opened.Later when her mom asked her where the doll was she said "under my pillow so the tooth fairy could bring her some teeth.This little 4 yr old girl loves her doll but she isnt sure why she has no teeth lol
A diabetic woman who wanted dog food for her dog was given a big bag of dog food and a card for Walmart.She was so estatic.She said now I can get my dog his favorite dog bones and can food.She never once considered anything for herself.(definately an animal lover
The woman who feeds feral cats appreciated all the cat food we gave her.We also gave her a pair of gloves,hat and shawl which we recieved from Linda's Hats (organization )
Christmas eve a young boy wrote a thank you letter to Santa before any presents were delivered.It said"Santa right now under the tree is empty so you have plenty of room to leave something.Thank you for the presents I have been a good boy except i broke one thing.I glued it so does that count

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