Thursday, January 2, 2014


Maria from LEH is the first person so far to donate for the Transitional House. We thank her for this generous donation - our first set of dishes!!!

With 14 women and 18 children it's a start.  I cant imagine waiting in turn to wash a dish and some silverware so another child could eat.  But because of the lack of kitchen items that's exactly what they do.  The children aren't always eager to wait for the ones to finish eating so they can get their turn.  And who could blame them?  Then there are the half of a beach towel the women use to dry off after a shower; if the towels are too damp, they must dried before they can be used for the children.  

The majority of these women have left abusive situations and are desperately trying to start over.  The lack of the necessities of everyday living only serves to reinforce their situation.  Anything we can to do improve their lives will serve to empower them as they move forward. 

In order to do this we DESPERATELY NEED:
Dishes of any shape kind or color - the more the merrier!! Mugs, cups, bowls, sippy cups, plastic sports bottles for older kids, pot and pans, flatware, kitchen utensils, bath towels, wash cloths, twin size sheets, blankets, comforters and toiletries.  Please, please email us at to arrange a pick up and provide a receipt should you need one.

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