Monday, January 6, 2014


This card was written by 1 of the Native Americans our volunteer Debbie sponsors. Her name is Helen. Fr John sent Helen a cross and our volunteer Susan sent her a comforter last yr.
Hi Reys
  I thank you and everybody for sendin me some stuff. All of you make me very happy. I sleep with blanket and stay warm .I put the cross on top on wall .I get in car accident back get hurt and chest and back too .I am now sick yet I write to say thank you. My coat was cut in accident. Debbie sent me new coat .I am so very very happy.
This is exactly how Helen wrote the card. As you can read she is still over whelmed with what we have done for her. We hope she recovers soon from the car accident . The road was a sheet of ice and the driver of the car had skidded into a tree. Both of them had been hurt and the car was totaled. She will have to find a new way to get to her doctor appointments . But they are on the way to recovering.

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