Saturday, January 4, 2014


1.A man who we saw near CVS wearing mismatched shoes .He walked as if his feet were painful.We happened to have several pairs of mens boots in our car from a previous pick up that week.And when we asked the man what size he wore since we had extra in the car.He told us size 10.And we just happened to have his size.He was not only thrilled with them but he threw his mismatched shoes in the trash can outside of the CVS.(never did ask why his shoes didnt match)
2.The look on a little girls face when we gave her a doll.The doll was still in the box while the little girl was kissing it and holding the box ever so tight
3.Fr John gave a young man in front of Wawa a small cross on a chain.Fr John talks with this man once in awhile when he goes for coffee.This man actually reached for FR Johns hand and kissed the top of it and said THANK YOU FATHER,I NEEDED THIS .(note*Fr John has not seen the man since
4 While at the Stop n Shop an elderly woman was in line trying to buy some can dog food for her dog.The cashier kept explaining to her she did not have enough money for all the cans she was trying to purchase.The elderly woman explained to the cashier she could not put any cans back as her dog liked everyone of the flavors she picked(lol) and guess who was behind her in the line,I was. I paid the differance for them  a whole $5.13.The elderly woman acted as if I gave her a million dollars..
5.The expression on the young mans face who received a guitar for Christmas was priceless.In fact he was so happy with it he started playing it right away.And recently heard from his mom.She says he plays it all the time.
6.A man with no coat no gloves was panhandling near Walmart.No one was paying attention to him.Almost as if he did not exist.I offered to buy him a coat since we were lucky this Christmas to receive a financial donation from John(a volunteer).The man followed me in the store tried on 2 coats.The one that fit I used the Holy Angels Bank Card on and also bought him a pair of gloves.He left the parking lot happier and warmer.I believe this man to be homeless. 
7.A single mom who has been struggling all year had 2 children who had no school supplies nor decent clothes for school .We were fortunate enough to not only get some very nice clothes size 6/7 and 12 for the girls but some new school supplies from our volunteer Debbie.The mom was so choked up when we gave her the items she actually shed a few tears.(happy tears) 
8.a single mom who had asked for socks and underwear for her children.When we delivered the items the children were so excited.We have never seen children react to getting socks like this before.Since we had also received several coloring books and crayons we added them in the delivery. (one of the boys said"wow
now we are really happy.I asked him "what do you mean? he said"mom told us we better act like we love the socks when you come"  (lol  kids can be so honest)

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