Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This just in from Peaches -   

Clothing and shoe sizes for the women and their children:

Baby girl and Baby boy both due within the next 4 weeks- need everything a baby would need

Baby boy needs size 3 w shoes -we have clothes for him

Toddler boy size 2 t , shoe size I think is 6 , 7

Boy size 3t shoe size 8,9

Need diapers size 3,4 and pull ups size 5 up

Girls clothing sizes 3, 5,6, 7,14 and16-- size14 child really in need.

Boy sizes 12/14, 14/16 and 18 tops and bottoms. The larger one wears 30x30 and 32 x 30 pants and mens med shirts.

Teen men shoe size 4 ,7 and 10 and oldest boy needs mens shoe soze 10.5

Women's sizes 16,18 and 20 -large , x large and xxlarge tops.

Womens shoe size 8.5 wide, and 11.


The kids only have toys they came with (most arrived with none).  The ones that were there at Christmas each received one or two but since one might have a coloring book that means it’s done by now. They could use some educational type toys, some black Barbies to go with the white Barbies I already have and things to keep them busy like puzzles and board games with their pieces.

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