Saturday, January 11, 2014


Per Peaches, the 1ST drop off at the TRANSITIONAL HOUSE was a little hectic because the women and kids all ran out to help her and were eager to check what they were getting . When the excitement died down they said to please THANK EVERYBODY who is trying to help them. Although they still need a lot more items, they were shocked that people have come together to help them and they don't even know them. The one lady said 'I cant wait to use that bath towel after my shower ". A few of the children said  "yeah we can all eat together at the same time" . And of course the woman who brought this situation to our attention got first dibs on a towel and wash cloth and some clothes. Peaches told them not to worry when we get done collecting they won't need anything to be comfortable in the Transitional House. She has a lot of faith not only in the volunteers who are trying to spread the word but to the generous people who continuously help us. Again thanks!

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